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Blogging about this blog.

A Medium Communicates with the Spirit of Blogging

The discussion earlier this year about the death of the blogosphere is surely exaggerated.  OK, my blog was “resting” for most of this year. My excuse is general busy-ness – moving house, moving office, and changing roles at NICTA. But recently I had the enthusiasm and time to write a flurry of blog entries. (I’ve …

Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2

I’ve finally upgraded from my original installation of WordPress 1.5.2 to WordPress 2.1.2, mainly to take advantage of the Akismet spam catcher. I’ve been getting 3 dozen spam comments a day, which I’ve had to manually delete, but hopefully I won’t see any more spam now. I was going to upgrade earlier, to WordPress 2.1.1, …


I’ve added “Software” and “Homebrew” categories to cover most of the posts I’ve made so far. It’s not turning out to be a high-volume blog, but at least it will be a slightly better organized one now.

Hello world!

This is my first entry – who knows how my blogging experience will work out! I was attracted to WordPress because it supported multiple categories, and had a simple non-blog page managment facility that meant it could be my home page as well as my blog. And of course it promised to work out of …