Industry and Media Articles

Staples, M. (2016) Blockchain. In Essential Director Update: 16, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Sep 2016.

Staples, M. (2016) Blockchain is useful for a lot more than just Bitcoin, The Conversation, 10 May. (Also syndicated through IT News, Startup Smart, Smart Company, and others. Republished through World Economic Forum as What can blockchain be used for, apart from bitcoin?)

Staples, M. (2008) Four Lessons about Company Standards and Procedures from Build Management, CM Journal, CM Crossroads, Vol. 6, No. 2, February.

TV and Podcasts

Blockchain: the technology that could dramatically change the internet, Margot O’Neill, ABC Lateline, (28 Sep 2017) .

Paperless office mystery unfolds, The Scoop with Mark Jones (podcast), MIS Australia (2 December 2008).

Industry and Media Presentations

I have spoken on the following topics at industry conferences, workshops, and seminars.

How is the public sector embracing blockchain, robotics and machine-learning for better service delivery?, panel at Open Opportunity Canberra Forum 2017, Canberra (30 Nov 2017).

Research perspectives on the potential of blockchain, presentation at Blockchain Summit, Sydney (28-29 November 2017).

Blockchains and Security Engineering for Healthcare Systems, presentation at Blockchain in Healthcare Summit 2017, Melbourne (24-25 October 2017)

Research on Blockchain and DLT for the Enterprise, presentation at CIO/FSI Leaders Summit, Sydney (4 October 2017).

GS1 Standards and Blockchain, presentation at GS1 Supply Chain Week Conference, Sydney (7 September 2017).

Blockchain and Security for Healthcare Systems, presentation at Australian Blockchain and Healthcare Meetup, Sydney (29 August 2017).

Digital Trade: Blockchain?, presentation and panel at WTO Aid for Trade Review 2017, Geneva (11-13 July 2017).

The race is on to create new industries, panel at D61+LIVE, Melbourne (28 June 2018).

Formal Specification and Verification of Smart Contracts, presentation at Consensus 2017, New York (22-24 May 2017).

Blockchain and its applications, seminar at launch of the RiskLab Australia, Melbourne (22 March 2017).

How blockchain research can help us understand the risks and opportunities for blockchain technology for a smarter society, invited talk at APAC Blockchain Conference 2017, Sydney (7-9 March 2017).

The future of audit… disrupted or unchained!? (The impact of Blockchain), panel session at CSIRO Black Mountain, in conjunction with ISACA, panelists Inspector General of the United States of America’s House of Representatives, KWM, EY, Data61 (9 Sep 2016)

Beyond Blockchain, panel session at Henry Davis York, also with panelists from CBA and ASIC (7 June 2016).

Software and its Development, course unit for Federal Government Department internal training day (24 June 2011).

Cloud Computing: Basics and Key Issues, course unit for Federal Government Department internal training day (24 June 2011).

Implementing CMMI Specific Practices Incrementally – Where Do You Start?, Improving Systems and Software Engineering Conference (ISSEC), Canberra (10-12 August 2009).

Capability-based Software Engineering Performance, SEPG Australia Conference 2007, Gold Coast (29-30 August 2007).

Why Organizations (Don’t) Choose CMMI, SEPG Australia Conference 2006, Melbourne (26-27 September 2006).

Why Organizations (Don’t) Use CMMI, NICTA Software Engineering Breakfast Series, Sydney (24 November 2005), Brisbane (28 November 2005), Canberra (29 November 2005)

Software Engineering Problems and Solutions, Warren Centre Workshop “Profit from Publicly Funded R&D”, Sydney (16 May 2005)

What is a CMMI Rating?, Government Technology World, Canberra (27 April 2005)

Component Reuse in IBM Rational ClearCase/UCM for Developing Product Families, 2003 IBM Rational User’s Conference, Orlando, FL, U.S.A. (August 24-28 2003)