Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2

I’ve finally upgraded from my original installation of WordPress 1.5.2 to WordPress 2.1.2, mainly to take advantage of the Akismet spam catcher. I’ve been getting 3 dozen spam comments a day, which I’ve had to manually delete, but hopefully I won’t see any more spam now. I was going to upgrade earlier, to WordPress 2.1.1, but my procrastination has paid off, because a hacker broke into the WordPress download site and added a back door to that version.
I don’t know if you, as a reader, will notice much of a difference right now. But, “when I get around to it”, I think I’ll install a new theme – hopefully one that handles wide screens more gracefully.

Comments 1

  • OK, I “got around to it” quite quickly. After a quick trawl through the WordPress themes directory, I found Greenland, a left-sidebar, fluid width, clean theme with pages in the top menu. It might be a little too clean for me, and I’m not sure about the colour… and I’ve also manually hacked the style file to have a little less wasted space to the left, and to make the widths of the various page elements a little wider. But overall it’s close to what I was looking for!