"Traditional" Draught Beer – In a Bottle

After a busy year, I’ve finally had a holiday.  Mostly at home, but we also went to the spectacular Jenolan Caves for a couple of days.  Before I head back to work again, I’ve time to start another beer.  It’s been more than six months since my last batch (which worked out OK, but has a vicious head).  Stocks are running low.
Today it’s another Coopers’ kit – the Traditional Draught (although I will bottle it, not put it in a cask!) supplemented by 1.5kg of the Coopers Light Malt.  O.G. is 1.040.

Comments 2

  • Racked today at S.G. 1.014. Probably later than I should have, but it’s been cold, so hopefully not too late. The high specific gravity would support that, indicating there may be still sugars left to ferment. (But it didn’t taste that way!)

  • Bottled today at F.G. 1.008, so abv of about 4.2%.