An Exploratory Study of Why Organizations Do Not Adopt CMMI

Our paper on why companies don’t adopt CMMI is now available online. This paper describes the details of some issues I’ve talked about previously to various industry audiences. In this study, we found that some companies (especially small ones) felt there were barriers to adopting CMMI. For example, often they didn’t get around to considering the possible benefits of adopting CMMI, because they perceived that it would just be too costly or time-consuming. The goal of this sort of research is to better understand the needs of software-developing companies, to help researchers develop software process improvement approaches that are more relevant and accessible to companies. There are more details in the paper.
Maybe of note is that the article is currently #20 in the Top 25 Hottest Articles for the journal, even before it’s appeared in print!

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  • Woohoo! – now the paper’s appeared in print, it’s gone to #3 in the April-June 2007 list of the Top 25 Hottest Articles.

  • Hmmm – now it’s gone to #1 now in the July-September 2007 list of the Top 25 Hottest Articles in JSS! I hope this is a good leading indicator that people might actually cite it. 🙂

  • Mark, I am a graduate student at the University of Memphis and I am very interested in your paper “An exploratory study of why organizations do not adopt CMMI.” Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to purchase the article, so I thought I would email you to see if you do not mind providing this paper so I may reference. I have IEEE and ACEM student memberships, but both do not allow me to download this particular paper. You help would greatly be appreciated.
    Chris Simmons
    Graduate Student

  • Hi Chris, thanks. I only have an author’s preprint, which I’m not allowed to publicly release. However, I can send it to “specific colleagues that [I] know” for “non-commercial research and educational use only”. Send me an email so I can get to know you 🙂 and then I’ll flick you a copy.