Christmas Chilli Lager

Someone at work asked me for some bottles of chilli and lime lager to put in their sons’ Christmas stockings, and when I went rummaging around in the cellar, I reaslied that I was down to my last three bottles. With two now gone as Christmas presents, I’m left with one tallie, to drink some time in the future.
But, this Christmas holiday provides a perfect opportunity to get another brew on. Chilli beer seems to be ever in demand, so I put on a Chilli Lager yesterday. I used Cooper’s Lager and Cooper’s brew enhancer type 1. When I went shopping for chillis, I didn’t know exactly how hot they were, so I’ve bought and added to the wort one long chilli, and two smaller bullet chillis. We’ll see how hot it develops over time. Right now it’s making warm brewing smells in the laundry.

Comments 2

  • How did the chili beer go? I am really wanting to give it a go.

  • It’s great so far, and I expect it’ll improve some more with a bit more age. It’s not very hot, but there’s a definite warmth at the back of the mouth, more as an after-taste than anything else.
    It could certainly be hotter without spoiling it – the chilli draught I made years and years ago had some real heat. After a cool drink, you got the chilli burn, and so you felt like a cool drink, then you got the chilli burn, and so you felt… (etc)