New Axim PDA

A couple of weeks ago I acquired a new PDA – a Dell Axim x51v, partly to replace an increasingly flaky Handspring Visor that never really recovered completely from a cracked case and an accidental soaking. The Axim is so much nicer – mainly due to its VGA screen and multimedia capabilities.
Mobile WiFi is nice, to check the news, the TV guide or a weather forecast. But extended web surfing is a bit painful.
Mobile Internet Explorer isn’t that great – why is there no Mobile Firefox? Asking this question promoted me to search for one, and it appears that Minimo is it. However at the moment it runs slowly, and has no bookmarks. So although it renders pages slightly better than MIE, I don’t think I’ll switch yet…
In changing my device, I’ve also changed from PalmOS to MS Windows Mobile. In Windows Mobile it feels like the full complexity of Windows is hiding beneath a thin veneer, whereas PalmOS felt more like an black box appliance.
Windows Mobile 5.0 is new-ish, and I’m finding that many of the Windows Mobile 2003 programs are incompatible. Most plugins for the Today screen don’t work, which is annoying. I’d really like to see battery status on the Today screen, but don’t know how to do that. Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 is a bit dodgy too – when it loses connection it can’t reconnect without rebooting my laptop. Bluetooth sync just doesn’t work.
What does work? Magic Button has been indispensible. GSFinder+ and Total Commander have worked around limitations with the built-in file explorer. I’ve got no idea why a program like TCPMP isn’t included as standard by Microsoft. (Luckily open source saves the day.) Clanger Theremin keeps Liam entertained, and Nethack keeps me entertained.
Now I’m on the lookout for a more protective case, and also a compatible keyboard.

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  • see your frustration :-).. I am still running CE 3.0 🙁 ..maybe time to upgrade..
    about keyboard..
    why not use on the go (easily 40word/m) and one of thoes remote keyboard software which uses your desktop/laptop keyboard through activesync?