Aussies' Oxbridge Aussie Rules

There has been a reasonably long-established annual intervarsity (Oxbridge) aussie rules footy match. Apparently once called The Foster's Challenge as John Elliot's son once played for the Oxford team (around 1989?). The match has two cups, because one was lost around 1990, and later re-discovered after another had been bought. If anyone has any details about the history of the match, please email me!

Cambridge won in 1996! (rah! rah!) For the first time in 10 years, Cambridge took home the two cups. Here are some photos from this historic game.

  • Victory! (well, probably an enthusiatic half-time photo)
  • Sedate Before-Match photo
  • Half-Time coaching
  • More Half-Time coaching
  • Neil, James, and Rory's Legs
  • Vaughan and others
  • Kirby, Mike and Andrew (and Evan the tasmanian hiding)
  • James, another (help!?), and Mad Matt Cooper
  • Mark Staples, Evan Jones (with the bottle), and Steve Loffler (crouching)
  • Mark Coates (frustrated after pulling his hamstring in the 1st qrtr) and Dominic
  • From the game two years ago, there is a photo of both teams, and one of the Cambridge team.
    Created and maintained by Mark Staples. (With help from Kona Macphee and Alec Birbeck.)

    Last Updated: 22 July 1997